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Born as a trio (Fabrizio - guitar/voice, Rachela - drums, Virginia - bass) in the begin of 2007 in Cagliari. From spring 2008 to autumn 2009 the band worked and recorded a demo that will became the self titled debut album in July 2011, published by 12th Record. At the end of 2009 and first months of 2010 the band was joined by Andrea Cadeddu (guitar) and Matteo Carta (voice) and realized the second album "Born Under The Black Capricorn", published on vinyl by the german label Stone Stallion Rex. In 2013 Black Capricorn returned as trio and recorded the third album "Culf Of Black Friars", published by Stone Stallion Rex on limited vinyl on November 2nd 2014. Italian label Bloodrock Records published the CD format on 2015. The fourth album "Omega" was published by Stone Stallion Rex on November 2nd 2017. It is a long journey (95 minutes) realized in a double vinyl limited edition.
In summer 2019 the label Sad Sun Music contacted the band asking to realize the CD version of the album. The band agreed and so it is going to be released on January 10th 2020 a double CD version of the album with three bonus tracks.
"She comes from the fog.....with a hammer in her hand....."

2011 - "Black Capricorn" (12th records)
2013 - "Born Under The Capricorn" (LP - Stone Stallion Rex / Voice Of Azram)
2014 - "Cult Of Black Friars" (LP - Stone Stallion Rex)
2015 - "Cult Of Black Friars" (CD - Bloodrock Rec. / Stone Stallion Rex)
2015 - "Bretus/Black Capricorn" (7" EP - The Arcane Tapes Rec.)
2016 - "Black Capricorn/Weed Priest" (12" LP - DHU Rec.)
2017 - "Omega" (2xLP - Stone Stallion Rex)
2020 - "Omega" (2xCD - Sad Sun Music)

Line up 2020
Rachela Piras - drums
Virginia Piras - bass
Fabrizio Monni - guitars, vocals

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"Omega" 2xCD








Format: Double CD
Release date: January 10th, 2020
Style: Psychedelic Doom Metal

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