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The Magik Way was born in 1996 winter as an attempt to gave an answer to a desire: to organize a real Order (The Order of the Earth), a kind of group / critical mass, influenced by concepts both in artistic terms and for the evolution of esoteric studies that required a broadening and deepening. In musical terms arose in the members of this corpus the need to “interpretate” the new texts not only through the use of an assimilated cliché (those of Black-Doom-Dark) but through the exploration of more experimental territories. Key role of this evolution has covered Azàch, fourth entity stepped in to complete the band, essential for the exploration of new languages and natural alter-ego of Nequam, principal author of music and lyrics. Even today, after 20 years the order collects accessions by various figures mostly far from the music world, while the musical project has lasted until now although far from the music business, but placing itself naturally within a very niche. Only recently, at the urging of Marco Cavallini (executive producer of the band), The Magik Way looks back to the music business with a first release “Materia Occulta 1997-1999” including the early releases of the band (“The Magik Way” – 1997 and “Cosmocaos” – 1999) and with the great return with new recordings included in “Curve Sternum” and the magnificent “Ananke” a DVD that is more than a simple album, more than simple music… it is a sensorial experience. “Ananke” has been released on May 12th (May 11th in Italy), via Sad Sun Music and distributed by My Kingdom Music.

1997 - "Promo 1997" (promo - unrealesed)
1999 - "Cosmochaos" (promo - unrealesed)
2013 - "Materia Occulta 1997–1999" (CD - Sad Sun Music)
2015 - "Curve Sternum" (digiCD - Sad Sun Music)
2017 - "Ananke" (digiDVD - Sad Sun Music)

Line up 2013
Nequam - vocals, keyboards, guitars, percussions
Diabolical Obsession - bass, textures, b. vocals
Old Necromancer - guitars, noises, b. vocals
Azach - drums and percussions, b. vocals
Berkana - female vocals

Line up 2015
Nequam - vocals, acoustic guitars, electric bass, programming
Azach - drums and percussions, noises
Guest musicians:
Maniac Of Sacrifice – electric guitars
Old Necromancer - electric guitars
Tlalocàn – double-bass, textures

Line up 2017
Nequam - vocals, piano, synth and keine flute
Azach - drums, percussions, tibetan bowl and tubolar horn
Maniac Of Sacrifice – guitars and rumors
Tlalocàn – contrabass and texitures
Alexandra Rendhell - spoken voice

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"Ananke" digiDVD











Format: digiDVD
Release date: May 11th, 2017
Style: Ritualist Occult Music

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"Curve Sternum" digiCD








Format: digiCD
Release date: May 11th, 2015
Style: Ritualist Occult Music

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"Materia Occulta 1997-1999" CD








Format: CD
Release date: January 14th, 2013
Style: Ritualist Occult Music

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